The pornography industry is very powerful. She is everywhere. Wanting to chase her out of society is a waste of time! On the other hand, we can protect our children and save them from this devastating thing.

What does Islam say? What does the medical profession say? Well almost the same thing: It is urgent to act!

Pornography: a reality between sadness and anger

The consumption of pornography is always more youthful. It’s so easy, they just type in the keywords that go well on Google and they land in darkness.

The innocence of our children is shattered in a matter of seconds and for a very long time.

A screen + an internet connection = Pornography not far away!

Even a cute cartoon on YouTube can trick your 8-year-old into pornography. All it takes is a badly targeted ad and a sliding bounce, her innocent little eyes find themselves drowned in the most sordid decadence..

Exposure to pornography among young people
French government source:

There was a time when the only way to access pornography was to shamefully go and buy a magazine (+18 years) at the newsagent. Respect for the age limit by the tobacconist was an excellent barrier.

Today pornography has colonized high schools and colleges . And even worse: schoolyards. All the dams that once protected our children from the works of the devil have all broken one by one.

Today the tsunami of indecency to flood the minds and the repression of these waste waters does not seem for tomorrow.

Children’s toys, remnants of a not-so-distant tender age, have gathered dust and are now replaced by increasingly impure screens.

Pornography: a contest of the worst

Behind pin-protected lock screens secretly lives a whole universe of highly putrid images and videos of fornication.

As in a contest of the worst, some young people have fun exchanging the worst videos on the net. It’s the one who will shock his classmates the most.

Perversion is always simple! Just click on: "I'm over 18 " to access the worst darkness.

YESTERDAY, this disgusting content was designed for a clientele of libidinous old perverts like having their fly open in the metro at rush hour..

TODAY its unhealthy contents are highlighted on the advertising posters of the metro..

What kind of adult is this modern society building?

May Allah the Most High guide our dear children on the right path and strengthen their faith. Splendor of Her Majesty. ﷻ

Let's start by stopping

What the medical profession says

These images, as shocking as they are destructive, will mark the imagination of children abandoned to themselves for a long time.

Whether the exposure is voluntary or accidental, the traumas are often the same and just as long-lasting.


Here is a small list:

  • Sexism and objectification of the body
  • Trivialization of sexual violence and valorization of domination
  • Emergence of complex in relation to certain parts of his body (comparison)
  • Persistent psychic trauma
  • Flashback: vision that sticks in the mind and becomes repeated
  • Geared up obsessive behavior and rampant masturbation
  • Permanent sexual excitement (without respite)


Underestimation of parents

The consequences are often ignored or minimized by parents. Unlike a sore on the arm or knees, a sore in the head is invisible. And above all, do not count on a child or a teenager to say that he is suffering.

If we repair a broken arm well, do you say that we repair the “guts of the head” very badly?

Let’s not let worldly society affect our beautiful youth. Let us protect the pure eyes and hearts of our children.

What Islam Says

For us Muslim parents, there is no doubt that pornography is illicit.

Unlike other communities, it is extremely rare to see lax parents on the issue. And that’s good !

In many atheist families, it is not uncommon to hear the following cries:

  • Oh, it doesn’t matter. We all watch pornography. Everything is fine.
  • Nothing can be done about it. Just go on the internet. As long as it doesn’t hurt anyonego!
  • Pornography is not so bad, they can learn about sexuality and discover their sexual orientations.
  • My son watches porn, but I prefer not to check his history because I know he watches weird categories. It’s his secret garden.

These sadly banal assertions are deeply wrong. They are the fruit of decades and decades of brainwashing.

So many families have strayed from the right path. The disruption and deviance once pushed to the margins of society have become the new normal.

It is not because a thought is in the majority in a society that it is true. The time has come to replace the mosque in the center of the village.

Our children are future adults in the making. Do we want lost souls promoting free trade, sodomism, unbridled abortion, LGBTqia+, adultery ads on public transport, the stowed dildo with shampoo and a giant butt plug right in the middle town ?

Never too late to educate souls

The luck of our children is that by definition they are still young. And that it is never too late to guide them towards purity and towards Islam.

A man or a woman must be married to have a sexual relationship.

No, it’s not being OBSCURANTIST or EXTREMIST to say that. If protecting our children from fornication is being an INTEGRIST, then let’s be proud of it!

In Islam, the dissemination of sex in the public domain is strictly prohibited. Lack of modesty causes those who cannot afford to marry to commit harassment, fornication, and even worse, rape.

Therefore, Islam commands us to stay away from anything that can lead us to zinā

(zinā: Islamic legal term for fornication/adultery/illegal sexual intercourse)

Allah our messenger exhorts us in Surat al-Isra’ (17:32)

“And don’t come near adultery! Because turpitude is a way of the devil”

All praise is due to Almighty Allah. We send abundant blessings on the Prophet of purity and morality, Ḥabībī Muhammad.


The all-out sexualization of society (which unfortunately surrounds us) sows in the minds of our young people the small seed of immorality, rape, immodesty, sexual harassment and transgression.

Sadly this little seed will only ask to germinate in adulthood. Let’s dry up this little seed and never let it take root.

To fight against hypersexualization is to fight for an environment where the dignity of women is preserved.

Let’s teach our children the idea that a woman can be beautiful and dignified as a mother, sister, wife or daughter!

The Holy Quran is rich in teaching and it is not the suras that are lacking.


And O Prophet, command the believers to hold their gaze and guard their private parts. It is a purer path for them: Allah knows what they are doing.

O Prophet, command believing women to hold their gaze and guard their private parts.”

Surah al-Nūr (24:30-31)

May the peace and blessing of God be upon him

How to (technically) protect our children from pornography


MuslimSurfer blocks pornography on all screens with targeted, motion blurring of the offending image or video.

This allows you to block pornography that can sometimes burst without having to block the entire phone or application or web pager.

With teenagers, it’s not always easy to cut 100% TikTok. With MuslimSurfer you can leave him but with less pornography.

However, it is still possible to block an application outright in ENTIRETY thanks to the functionality: application blocking.

You can also block a specific website using the feature: Web blocking.

MuslimSurfer is protected against UNINSTALLATION and DEACTIVATION. Your little computer genius won’t be able to do anything.

Let's start by stopping

Blocking a URL address (example: ) is quite easy from a technological point of view, but masking a moving image in real time is much harder. MuslimSurfer performs both!

Pornography can come from anywhere even from a cooking recipe. MulsimSurfer blocks these live images and knocks out pornography.

Our competitors limit themselves to pornography, but we add eroticism and even slight nudity (Example: swimsuit on Instagram). We are better than the other blocking solutions available on the market.


Stupid example of real-time dynamic porn masking:

This is just one example of porn blocking. In real life, we don’t block farm animals 🙂

A brother or sister (and not a robot) is waiting for you on our 24/7 CHAT to discuss our protection solutions!

We ask the Messenger of Allah – The Most High – Muhammad (peace be upon him) to guide us all to the right path and guide us to a favorable outcome here below and in the hereafter!

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