Privacy Policy for Website, Mobile App and Desktop App.


This privacy policy (“Policy”) sets out how your data is collected by SULTANAYAZ-WEBFILTERING SASa simplified joint stock company (“Our Entity”, “we”), when you use our MuslimSurfer mobile application, our MuslimSurfer desktop application (“MuslimSurfer Application”), or our website, (“Our Site”).

The purpose of this Policy is to inform you in a clear and transparent manner about why and how we process the data we obtain from our users. Protecting your data is of paramount importance to us. We encourage you to read this Policy carefully in order to make informed decisions regarding the use of our MuslimSurfer Application.

By using the MuslimSurfer Application or Our Site, you agree to be bound by the terms of this Policy. Your continued use of the MuslimSurfer Application or Our Site constitutes your acceptance of these terms. This Policy is an extension of our End User License Agreement ( and forms a legal agreement between you and Our Entity where the processing of your personal data is based on your consent (as explained below). The terms defined in this Policy are to be understood in the same sense as those defined in the Contract. If you do not agree to these terms, please do not access or use the MuslimSurfer Application or Our Site.


Using VPN and Accessibility services

⚠️ Whenever we ask for authorization, our consent dialogue is presented in a clear and unambiguous way. We require a deliberate action on the part of the user to indicate consent. Leaving this dialog, such as by clicking elsewhere or pressing the back or home buttons, is never considered as consent. We do not use ephemeral messages to obtain user consent. The user always has the option of deactivating accessibility permission at any time by selecting “deactivate”.

We believe these methods illustrate our dedication to protecting user data, ensuring a seamless experience. In our mission to protect users from potential risks associated with Internet browsing, MuslimSurfer employs VPN (Virtual Private Network) and Accessibility services on your device.

VPN services: MuslimSurfer VPN services redirect user traffic through a secure tunnel to our DNS server. This effectively blocks access to certain unwanted content on the web. The key points of VPN are :

  • Filtering of potentially dangerous websites.
  • No collection, storage or transfer of personal data, browsing history or other information associated with the user.
  • Although data is transferred via our servers when the VPN is activated, its integrity is preserved.
  • Our VPN prevents unwanted intrusion or connection to other networks or services.

Accessibility Services: MuslimSurfer offers Accessibility Services for complete protection:

  • Deactivation Shield: Protects against unintentional deactivation of MuslimSurfer’s VPN service.
  • Uninstall prevention: Prevents MuslimSurfer from being unintentionally deleted.
  • Third-party VPN defense: Prevents the use of external VPNs to bypass our protections.
  • User-selected application restrictions: Gives users a choice of applications to block.
  • Uninstall protocol: To remove MuslimSurfer, you need to do so from within the application itself, using the uninstall button. This action is secured by a PIN code set by the user. After setting a waiting period, the PIN code is sent to the user’s email address. Accessibility permissions enable us to apply this protective mechanism, ensuring that security parameters are respected.

Your privacy is important to us. Our VPN and Accessibility services are carefully designed to enhance MuslimSurfer’s protective features, while guaranteeing the integrity and confidentiality of your data.

What types of data do we analyse?

Non-Personal Information refers to data accessed or collected through your use of the MuslimSurfer product, and, if applicable, activated by users of the mobile application via the Android accessibility service (“Non-Personal Information”). Before being sent to our servers or used in any other way, this non-personal information is processed and erased on your device to exclude any data that could be used to identify you. Thus, we have no knowledge of the identity of the user whose non-personal information has been obtained.

When using your desktop application, the following types of NON-PERSONAL data are collected:

  • IP address (Internet Protocol): We permanently delete the last section of the IP address and hash it before storing it, ensuring its anonymity.
  • GUID: A distinct identifier created on your device when the application is installed, kept to distinguish users.
  • User Agent: Identifies the browser, its version and the associated operating system.
  • Tracker data: The nature and version of our tracker.
  • Transition Type: The way in which the URL was reached.
  • Browser Profile Counter: A randomly generated number to distinguish different users of the same browser.

When using your mobile application, the following NON-PERSONAL information is collected:

  • Technical Data: Details on OS version, device model, screen size, mobile network code and browser type.
  • Installed applications: Application description, application ID, installation history and other relevant details.
  • GUID: As explained for the desktop application.
  • IP address: Treated in the same way as for the desktop application.
  • Android App Permissions (“Permission”):
    • Accessibility: Block unwanted content for secure use of your device.

This non-personal information is used for the purposes explained in the section “How data is used”.

We do not collect any personal information from you, except that which you share voluntarily, such as when you register. This information, such as your name and e-mail address, is only used to interact with you and is not shared with third parties.

How is the data used?

We analyze your information as described above when you access or use the MuslimSurfer website or the MuslimSurfer product. This information is used to block your access to certain sites according to the parameters that you have defined and that you control (the “Services”).

We use this data based on our legitimate interests to promote and improve the MuslimSurfer product and our services. This need for information is essential to provide the MuslimSurfer product and our services, as described in this Privacy Policy. Where permitted by law, we consider that you are giving us your implied consent by using the MuslimSurfer product, requesting assistance, registering for the MuslimSurfer product, or otherwise.

In practical terms, to provide MuslimSurfer products and services, we need to analyze the web pages you visit and identify the applications you try to open. This means that we use the data we collect from you and transmit it to our servers to activate the MuslimSurfer product, enabling us to detect when and where there is content, a website, or an application to block, as explained above.

In this context, processing non-personal information is crucial to providing the functionality intended for the user, i.e. the provision of the services described above. Consequently, blocking certain sites would not be possible without this data. By using the MuslimSurfer website and downloading and using the MuslimSurfer product, you acknowledge and agree that you are requesting these Services.

To monitor and understand user interest and to improve the Services, we also use non-personal information, aggregate data, or statistics about your use of the Services that do not describe or identify any particular user.

How is your information exchanged with us?

Rest assured, we absolutely do not distribute your personal details to outside parties or to our employees.

That’s a line we won’t cross. However, it may be necessary to share some of the information you have entrusted to us in situations where we believe, in all honesty, that this action is essential in order to :

Comply with applicable laws, standards, legal procedures or administrative requirements; (ii) Ensure that our regulations and agreements are applied, particularly in the event of any breaches; (iii) Probe, identify and thwart illegal behavior, reprehensible acts, suspected fraud or security issues; (iv) To assert or preserve our rights in order to protect ourselves from legal claims ; (v) Salvaguard our rights, our assets, our safety, that of our users, yours or that of third parties; (vi) In order to work hand-in-hand with the relevant authorities, or if we deem it essential to defend intellectual property or other legal rights.

Please note that we may engage third-party service providers or partner companies to act on our behalf, sometimes requiring them to access your information in order to perform their duties. This exchange of information complies with current data protection regulations.

We are committed to ensuring that any transfer of data, including personal data, across borders complies with applicable regulations. If your personal data is transferred outside the European Economic Area (“EEA”), we will take precautions to ensure that it is exchanged securely and, if necessary, you will be given the opportunity to find out more about the details of such transfers.

Use of cookies and partner tools on our platform

When you interact with MuslimSurfer or our solution, we may use cookies to recognize you. It’s important to understand that a “cookie” is a small data file deposited in your browser’s folder by a website and stored on your device during your Internet browsing sessions. These widely used cookies have several purposes, including facilitating your navigation between different pages, automatically activating certain functions, remembering your choices, and optimizing exchanges between you and various services, such as ours. In addition, cookies help to tailor the experience to the user.

We may also use partner solutions, such as Google Analytics or other tools mentioned later, on the MuslimSurfer platform or integrated into our product. These partner solutions or content may use their own cookies, detect your IP address, or apply other tracking methods to gather information about your use of our offerings. This information helps us to generate usage analyses and improve our services. However, we have no direct access to or control over these partner cookies or their tracking techniques.

How long do you keep your data?

The information we collect is kept only as long as is necessary to provide our services. As long as your account remains active, we will keep your data. They are also retained for the time required to provide our services. If you wish to delete your account or request an end to the use of your data for our services, please contact us at
. We will process your request within an acceptable timeframe.

Your rights regarding your personal data

You have specific rights with regard to your personal data:

Access: You can access the personal information we hold about you.

Rectification: If any personal information about you is incorrect or missing, you can request that it be rectified.

Deletion: You have the option of requesting the deletion of your personal information.

Objection: You may object to the processing of your personal information.

Transferability of information: You may request that your personal data be transferred to another organization or service provider.

If you wish to exercise any of these rights, please contact
. In accordance with existing regulations, we will respond to your request in due course.

Protection: The security of your personal data is a priority for us. We implement various safeguards, such as secure servers, firewall systems, encryption and other state-of-the-art technologies to ensure the security of your information. However, despite these precautions, we are unable to guarantee infallible security for your data, as no method of digital transmission or storage is totally infallible.

Our privacy promises explained

We may periodically adjust this Privacy Policy to reflect new methods or for other operational, legal or regulatory reasons. In the event of such changes, we will keep you informed by updating the date at the top of this policy. If necessary, other notifications can be sent, such as an e-mail.

Contact: If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, our data management or your dealings with our Services, please contact

Members’ rights: Unless you indicate otherwise, we will keep the data collected for as long as is necessary to offer the services mentioned, to meet our legal obligations, to settle disputes and to implement our contracts.


If legislation (such as French law) so stipulates, you may be entitled to request the deletion of your personal data provided, with some exceptions such as the retention of information for potential litigation or regulatory requirements. You may also have other rights, such as accessing information about the use of your data, or obtaining a copy or requesting its transferability.

To exercise these rights, please contact our Data Protection Officer at
. We may request confirmation of identity and, where permitted by law, apply charges for requests deemed abusive.

Depending on the legislation, you may have the right to lodge a grievance with a regulatory body (as in the European Union).

How do we ensure the security of your data? To handle sensitive data, we opt for secure mechanisms and encryption to guarantee reliable data management, including transmission using advanced cryptography. However, no transmission over the Internet or a wireless network is completely invulnerable. Therefore, while we strive to keep your data secure, please be aware that : (a) online security and confidentiality constraints exceed our ability to intervene; and (b) the confidentiality and integrity of data exchanged via MuslimSurfer are not fully guaranteed.

Protection of minors Individuals under the age of 13 must not use MuslimSurfer. If a user of this age shares data, we will delete it. If you suspect that a minor under the age of 13 has provided us with personal data, please contact our manager at
. If you are under 18, please review this policy with an adult and ask any questions you may have.