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Frequently Asked Technical Questions

What exactly are you blocking?

We block haram content in a broad sense.

In addition to our basic filtering, the user can block any website or application of their choice.

The user can also block up to 158 additional categories of digital haram!

Not to mention the blackening of the screen (and 30-second lockout) if pornography appeared unexpectedly (Android).

For how long ?

It depends on the selected waiting time before receiving the uninstallation PIN code by email.

– Minimum 12 hours

– Minimum 24 hours

– Minimum 36 hours

– For LIFE

It is also possible to test the application without a PIN code.

What are the possible blocking categories?

There are 158 possible blocking categories.

Here are some examples: alcohol, astrology, dating, drugs, LGBT, social networking, suicide, cheating in school …

Here is the link to view the exact list:


Pornography and gambling are blocked by default.

What is Nudity Detection?

Pornographic websites are blocked by default. BUT pornography can also appear on a social network, an instant messenger, a text message, an e-mail…

So we developed the : Nudity Detection.

It is a masking by blackening coupled with a screen lock.

As soon as pornography or nudity is detected on the screen, MuslimSurfer blocks and blacks out the screen without going back or unlocking. (for 30 seconds).

For the moment, the Nudity Detection is only available on Android.

⚠️ How to uninstall or deactivate the solution?

It is deliberately very complicated, if not almost impossible.

The solution is protected against uninstallation and deactivation by a very strong PIN code .

A relative can choose the PIN code for you, otherwise take the “hidden PIN code” option. If you are a parent, you can choose the PIN code for your children.

For the “hidden PIN code” the system will automatically assign you a PIN code, but without telling you.

The idea is that the user does not know the uninstallation PIN.

Thereafter, you can always retrieve a PIN code by email, but you will have to wait 12, 24 or 36 hours (your choice) .

It’s a forced delay.

There is also the option for life . To never be able to recover a PIN code again.

⚠️ How to recover a PIN code with the option for LIFE?

It is precisely impossible.

If you have chosen the option for life , we invite you to come see us on the 24/7 chat to retrieve your uninstallation PIN.

It is the only way.

A brother or sister is waiting for you there and will try to convince you not to uninstall the application.

⚠️ How to recover a PIN code with the 12, 24 or 36 hour option?

If you have chosen one of the options: 12, 24 or 36 hours, you can click on : “Retrieve my pin code”.

You will then receive an email with a PIN code, but not before 12, 24 or 36 hours depending on your choice at installation.

So we have to wait a long time.

The objective is to complicate the uninstallation for you to give you time to change your mind and thus avoid haram.

To make uninstallation permanently impossible, you can choose the option for life!

Will restarting my device stop the application?

Yes, but this interruption will be short-lived. Yes, but for a very short duration. As soon as the phone is rebooted, the application will resume functioning (around 30 seconds, depending on the device).

Is it possible to turn off MUSLIM SURFER without a PIN code?

No, you need to know the PIN code.

If you have lost or forgotten the PIN code, please refer to the question: How do I retrieve a PIN code? (above ↑)

How to activate Halal Internet filtering?

Click on the big button ON .

It’s as simple as turning on the light in your home.

How to block more apps?

MuslimSurfer blocks haram content from the root.

To go even further and block an application of your choice in addition, go to:“Blocked applications“.

Then click on the icon of the app you want to block.

How to block additional websites?

MuslimSurfer blocks haram content from the root.

To go even further and block a website of your choice in addition, go to:“Blocked websites“.

Then type the URL address of the site to be blocked.


Why is MUSLIM SURFER so complicated, even almost impossible to deactivate?

Sin hinders our inner journey. It prevents us from welcoming the spiritual provisions that Allah reserves for us to guide us toward more faith, hope and light.

Sin is characterized by the impossibility of being able to control oneself and to stop. The believer who promises to stop is traversed by very strong impulses all made by Seitan.

Do not give up your fine resolutions for change for the benefit of the devil and his earthly devilry.

MuslimSurfer is effective because that impossible to stop once engaged (with lifetime option).

MuslimSurfer succeeds where self-determination fails.

If the lifetime commitment scares you a little, be aware that there are very short blocking times starting at 12 hours.

Can you deactivate MUSLIM SURFER remotely if I ask you?

No Unfortunately. Neither to you nor to anyone.

Technically speaking, we can remove blocks remotely, but ethically our support team will never disable your ongoing filtering.

You must wait until the end of the waiting period.

On the other hand, we will always be there to support you and give you good advice to strengthen your faith.

Can I block 2 or 3 more things that have nothing to do with haram, but still bother me?

Yes yes.

> To block a particular application, go directly to “
blocked applications
“in the solution MUSLIM SURFER.

> To block a particular website, go directly to “
blocked websites
“in the MUSLIM solution SURFER.

> To block a category of contents in particular (example: social networks), go directly to “
blocked categories
“in the MUSLIM SURFER solution.

You are free to make all the manual additions of your choice.

MUSLIM SURFER will continue to block the haram directly at the root without intervention of your part.

Do you block pornographic searches on search engines?

Yes, this isthe SafeSearch feature.

SafeSearch acts on search engine results as an automated filter for pornography and potentially offensive and inappropriate content.

This automatic filter works on many different search engines: DuckDuckGo, Bing, Yahoo, Google, YouTube, Pixabay, Yandex…

The same goes for videos, images and news.

This feature is 100% automated and requires no action on your part. It cannot be disabled.


Can I install MUSLIM SURFER on several screens?

Yes, that is our number 1 tip.

Oh what good to have MUSLIM SURF on the computer if the smartphone remains wide open on the haraam ?

Protect an unlimited number of devices.

MUSLIM SURFER impacts the consumption of my battery and the speed of my device?

Say the impact is nil would lie because even texting or watching a video on YouTube impacts battery and machine performance.

BUT the actual impact is very small. The MUSLIM SURFER solution is built on the latest technological standards.

To determine the impact of MUSLIM SURFER, we carry out tests on smartphones and laptops. Here is the protocol:

1 :

WITH MUSLIM SURFER on a device in standby mode, we measure the time it takes for the battery to drain (from 100% to 0%).

2 :

WITHOUT MUSLIM SURFER on the same device in standby mode, we remeasure the time it takes for the battery to run down (from 100% to 0%). But this time without MuslimSurfer installed.

The measured deviation is very low, regardless of the brand or model. It is very likely that you will not notice any difference in use. Newer devices experience an even lower impact.

On a device in active operating mode (normal use) , we come to the same conclusion.

The performance of the machine is therefore not usually impacted.

Simply put, MUSLIM SURFER not will do not row your device and will not drain its battery.

MUSLIM SURFER makes mistakes and sometimes blocks things it is not supposed to block?

This is extremely rare, as the filtering algorithm is self-improving every day.

If the user sends us a false negative, we switch it to the whitelist.

MUSLIM SURFER practices automatic or autonomous learning from anonymized and concatenated data to improve its performance over time.

MUSLIM SURFER protects my devices against viruses and other malware?


By default, MUSLIM SURFER blocks a large number of malicious websites known to host viruses.

Our list of dangerous sites is updated almost constantly.

This is the little bonus gift from MUSLIM SURFER.

I don't have much money at the moment. Do you have any discounts?

We offer 30 free days to people in precarious situations on simple request (without justification and without blabla).

Once the 30 free days are over, we offer a social rate (-50%) without any time limit to people in need.

All on simple request via the Chat 24/7 and always without proof or blabla. There is like a contract of trust between you and us.

The idea is to make the cost of the service bear on the wealthiest.

However, if you can afford to pay the regular subscription rate, please do so, as subscriptions keep MUSLIM SURFER technology at the top of its game.

Maintaining the service is extremely expensive. Thank you for your understanding.

MUSLIM SURFER is very good against haram on the Internet, but what are you doing against haram outside the screens?

It’s true that at our level, we can’t do much against sin outside of the screens.

However, we offer 24/7 help via chat or phone, if you ever feel like you’re going to crack.

Talking often allows you to defuse your mental load and to continue your journey away from temptations.

There will always be a sibling to support you from a distance. The heart is already there.

Why do you charge for the service when your mission is to help the community? What do you do with the subscription money?

We do not intend to make a profit and even less to pay a dividend.

Surpluses, if any, are reused to keep the subscription price lower, improve our quality of service, improve the working conditions of the team, and finally continue software development.

We also find it normal to give 10% of the turnover to associations of public utility of which here is the list: 10% for them . We provide our tax receipts.

You should know that the maintenance of the software is extremely expensive, because it must be constantly updated and configured to ensure flawless operation.

For example, Samsung releases almost 15 new models a year, not to mention other brands, so our adaptation expenses are chronic and perpetual.

MUSLIM SURFER also aims to keep its team in the workforce. This same team that answers you day and night on the Chat.

In our calls for tenders, we favor companies and service providers in our territory.

The service is efficient because we are pros. Professionalism has a cost, just like the advertisements we have to pay to Google to be visible in your search results.

We locally create jobs, activity and tax contributions. (FRANCE).

If I have a problem, is there an agent for me? Or can I wait a very long time?

There is ALWAYS a sibling on the 24/7 chat.

And there are often people on the phone during the day

09 71 08 05 89.

It’s always FREE and ANONYMOUS 🙂

Can I share my subscription with a relative?

Yes, and with pleasure.

You have to share in life and know how to give back what you have received.

So, don’t hesitate to share your MUSLIM SURFER credentials with a friend.

Is it easy to register?

You can register via your Facebook or Google account in 5 seconds.

Otherwise, you can always register with an email and a password. Nothing more !

We won’t ask for your age, mailing address, phone number, gender, or even to click “I ‘m not a robot.

We are not here to collect personal data, but to block the haram.

Who is MuslimSurfer for?

Mainly to families who wish to protect themselves but also to individuals who also wish to protect themselves from digitalized haram.

 Islamic multi-screen parental control application.

If your heart is filled with Haram, how can you fill it with Islam?

The devil has no authority over us.

All he knows how to do is send us invitations, give us ideas.

Too many people sign with both hands and ask for more over and over again.

The devil is strong because we are weak.

One thing leads to another, from little to big sin, the devil gets us out of Islam.

The real question is why can’t we not to follow the Prophet ?

Why do we prefer hardware models?

Probably out of laziness and procrastination.