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I am a 30 year old man and have been married for 7 years. I love my wife very much and will never cheat on her.

But the last few months (please don’t judge) I felt like I was betraying her by looking at a lot of (young) girls on Instagram. I talked to her about it and we decided together to install an app on my smartphone. My wife is the only one who has the PIN code to uninstall it.

I found a deep serenity. The relationship with my wife has become even more beautiful and intense. Communication in a couple is very important and we found the solution together.

There is nothing more beautiful for me than marriage under the stars of Allah.



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"Lots of (young) girls on Instagram"

Anonymized testimony

I am a father of two teenagers. I have faith in my sons. But I have no confidence in the society around them. I would like to protect them as my father was able to protect me from bad influences in his time.

The thing is, in the 80s, there weren’t all these screens and applications invested by evil. 

At the same time, I don’t want to deprive my children of everything because experience and empowerment are part of the path.

So I use your application as a safety net. I allow the smartphone, but with MuslimSurfer in it. My teenagers don’t mind too much. One day they will understand.


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"One day they will understand"

Anonymized testimony

 Islamic multi-screen parental control application

I always fell into the same sin, which was pornography. But now, that is a thing of the past. With your app, I no longer have access to illegal content. I was addicted like a junkie. I felt frustrated and dirty all the time. The application succeeded where my willpower always failed.

I am not ashamed anymore, because today I have grown up and I am strengthened. Now I just want to help the brothers who are still lost in the darkness. Allah is merciful, Subhanallah.


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"I felt frustrated and dirty all the time"

Anonymized testimony

Let's start by stopping

I am a maths teacher in a peaceful high school. In 20 years of experience, I have seen my students’ concentration skills melt like snow in the sun. And I’m talking about a sun that beats down hard in the Sahara 🙂

I knew the zapping generation (with TV) then the internet generation and now the social network generation.

And I can say that this TikTok generation is the most unfocused of all.

TikTok is made of 2 or 3 different viral videos per minute. It’s just crazy.

It used to be that students could hardly finish reading a book. Now they can hardly finish a video that lasts more than 5 minutes…

What kind of society are we building?

I am not anti-technology, but I think that social networks are very toxic and dangerous for the cognitive development of our young people.

I use your app for my teenager at home and I observe that his memory and concentration are strengthened.


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"This TikTok generation is the most unfocused of all"

Karima : mother of Rayane 13 years old

 Islamic multi-screen parental control application.

I am not happy with my prayer. I can’t concentrate for real. I always end up thinking about something else (often stupid). I noticed that I also have this problem of concentration at work or with my wife and children. After 30 seconds of conversation, I get tired and don’t listen to anything.

It’s because of the social networks. I spend my life scrolling down the screen. I don’t even know why. My memory is like that of a goldfish.

Sometimes a notification rings while I’m praying so I hurry up to check my phone.

For the past 3 weeks, I’ve been blocking all sort of apps: insta, snap, tiktok, twitter and some WWW. on Chrome.

Since then, I feel alive again. I am no longer rinsed like a salad at the end of the day.

Now, prayer soothes my heart and reassures me that Allah guides me. May Allah Azawajel help you in your prayer. Because to pray is to be in relation with Allah.

The things of this world are so meaningless after a sincere prayer.


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"A notification rings during prayer".


I’m a first year medical student and it’s super hard. I’ve been looking for a lot of productivity apps to block access to smartphone functions. I’m always on it (especially Insta and Vinted) and I lose a lot of time in my revisions. 

Muslim Surfer unlike other APPs is very hard to uninstall.

This newfound concentration (and serenity) has also helped me understand that our daily routine is so insignificant when we discover how great God is. And yet, we are so happy to bathe in futility and materialism.


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"When you discover how great God is


 Islamic multi-screen parental control application

I have a young daughter. She is a pure, decent and dignified girl. She looks a lot like her mother.

We communicate a lot and I trust her blindly.

But I have much less confidence in her classmates.

When she invites friends from high school to work at home, I am always shocked by the topics of conversation.

They are all between 15 and 16 years old and most of them have profiles on dating apps. The term FORNICATION application would be more appropriate. And they talk about it quietly as if they were buying a car on a classified ad site.

As a dad, I find this really pathetic and distressing. In fact, I feel sorry for them.  How sad to give up your innocence and purity at such a young age. What do parents do? Many of them even come from very modest Muslim families. I know some of the parents very well.

My daughter is exemplary and dignified, but I am afraid that her classmates have an influence on her. I downloaded MuslimSurfer for her safety.

It is my duty to protect her from evil. My daughter understands.

I like MuslimSurfer because it’s all about blocking without policing. I just know that the applications are blocked and that’s enough for me. 

May Allah strengthen our children, increase their faith and guide them to the right path. The “consumer” society is very attractive to our youth.


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"I am always shocked by the topics of conversation."

Anonymized testimony

I am a Protestant Christian and I admire your work. Whatever our religion, we all come to the same conclusion: screens are wreaking havoc on our youth but also on our elders.

Just look at the grandparents in the waiting rooms who are all glued to their smartphones. It seems that everyone has a minister’s schedule these days…

It’s the same in families.

Families stay under the same roof, but don’t live together anymore.

Parents no longer talk to their children. The husband no longer talks to his wife. We become so lazy when our elders talk to us about the old days.

Communicating has become tiring and boring. We are so alone…

Everyone is sucked in from morning to night (even at night) by their screen. We are fed up with this digital drug.

Thank you to our brothers and sisters in Islam at MuslimSurfer. Thank you for making us raise our heads. Mashallah!


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"I am a Protestant Christian"


I am the educational manager of an Islamic educational establishment in the Paris region.

We welcome many young people and have a documentation center equipped with computers connected to the Internet to carry out research.

We trust our young people, but sometimes there can be web browsing that modesty requires me to keep quiet.

Our reputation is well established and hundreds of parents trust us.

To guarantee a clean and perfectly legal internet, Muslim Surfer has offered us a package of 20 licences free of charge. Thanks to them.


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"Internet browsing that modesty commands me to keep silent".

Alif Lam Mim

Let's start by stopping

Networks are hijacking our young people.