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We are more afraid of the gaze of people than of the gaze of Allah.

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We are building an anti-harām FORTRESS around you!

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Your heart is healthy and it is never too late to return to the path of Allah.

Nothing gets through our technological wall.

The illicit will be diverted from the surface of your screens. Good riddance.


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"65 years old and addicted to mobile games (especially Candy Crush). At first, it's fun. It passes the time and it's a common thing with my grandchildren. But I overdid it and couldn't stop. I was even rushing to finish my salat to go back to my game. The music from the game kept playing on the prayer mat. I also saw my social life diminish. I had less and less courage to go and play cards with my friends. I talked less and less to my wife. Also, on Facebook, I spent my life liking silly things. After 5 minutes, I saw everything, but I keep coming back all day. I fill my empty life with even more emptiness. Today I'm using your solution to reduce my time on the phone. Too bad you don't block the TV either."

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How many pages of the Quran do you read? For me, it was none or almost none. How could I read the Quran focus for 10 minutes when I was used to watching 100 videos per hour non-stop on TikTok. My brain couldn't hold the distance anymore as soon as I had to settle on something long. Even the religious reminders at the mosque were hard to follow. After 15 minutes, I would stall. To ease my conscience, I was watching religious reminders on TikTok between two videos of a backside and a farting dog. I just longed to grow religiously and spiritually. The smartphone is a friend that wants to hurt me. Thanks to you MuslimSurfer for working on solutions. All I have left is my Gmail, texting and calculator. People call it crazy, I call it freedom regained."

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I've tried a lot of parental control applications for Android, but none of them really work for me. My child always ends up uninstalling them. And he's only 13! Your version seems to resist for the moment. The protection pin code is great. The right click on the icon to uninstall no longer works. I like your filtration against Haram content. I also block him from the networks that I unblock for a few hours on weekends so that he doesn't become too unsocial with his group of friends. He is less tired at the end of the day. He rediscovers the pleasure of doing quiet activities with his old mother! I am rediscovering my little guy. Before, he was on his screens until late in the evening chatting and Tiktoker (11 am - midnight). Always the smartphone in his hand."

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“A YouTube video is quickly too long”

I must be spending 3/4 hours a day between Snap, Instragram and Netflix. My brain has become a sponge.

I am a student and now have the concentration of a 10 year old. In college, I pick up the phone after 5 minutes to check the notifications. I never liked to read, because it’s too hard, but nowadays, even a YouTube video is quickly too long.

My father says I am 12 years old mentally. Sometimes he is right. Time goes by too fast and I spend my life liking. I am 23 years old and I would like to develop professionally, spiritually and socially. Find my way.

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I don’t want the Internet to be my children’s education

I don’t think I’m an old fart who doesn’t understand anything. I am not against technology.

Internet is an extraordinary tool that allows you to make visios with the family at thousands of kilometers or to find a recipe that you can’t find.

But as a family man, I am not naive. I can see that my teens are glued. Social networks attack the good conscience and good morals of our youth. The trivialization of the great sins has settled in our homes.

Today, I refuse to let the Internet educate my children. I myself am a television survivor…

Barakallahoufik for the work you do for families.

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“They only live for easy money, easy girls”

I thank the small team that takes turns on the chat and especially the sister Samia who is always there to listen to my sadness.

I am a mom of two grown boys who have strayed far from Allah (jalla jallālah).

They only live for easy money, easy girls, cars and marijuana. They run after everything that Allah has forbidden. Ramadan is just for showing off in public. Hearing them swear on the Quran every 5 minutes for material and superficial things, breaks my heart.

My husband and I are so religious. I am so sad sometimes but you are there to support me.

I invoke Allah through dou’as to change my sons. Allah created us for a noble purpose, life is a land of trial, but my two sons fall into all the great sins.

One day, I know, they will understand the true meaning of our beautiful religion.

They are still my little darlings of 25 and 29 years old. I know their hearts. They don’t have a bad bottom. A sincere repentance will come, but I hope as soon as possible. Allah will forgive us all insha’Allah, with His permission .

May Allah Azawadial reward you in this life and in the hereafter.

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We need your help

Yes, we are proud to be Muslims!

No, Kim Kardashian is not our role model.

We will forcefully push the false brilliance of social networks to the borders of ignorance.

Al-dunyâ : thanks, but no thanks!

The salât heals our sins. Prayer is our medicine. It is the door that opens the real happiness.

Let us regain the love of Allah, the love of the Angels, the love of our brothers and sisters.