Students and high school students, you are preparing for an ultra-important moment: the exams!

Those few stressful days impact the rest of your life – It’s a terrifying concept.

What is the best way to succeed. Hard to say.

On the other hand, Islam can enlighten you.

Here are 4 ISLAMIC precepts to guide students in the middle of cramming

At the end we add a house tip 🙂


1# “Trust in Allah, but first tie up your camel.” – Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and his family)

As always in Islam, the beginning of a good deed begins with a pure purpose and the recognition that whatever good results from it will depend on God’s favor.

If you want to get through this difficult time, you must trust that God will help you. However, that doesn’t mean you should do nothing and trust that God will take care of everything.


It is possible to achieve success by:

  • By combining good intentions ( am I seeking an education for a cause that will please God? )
  • By believing in God ( Do I think deep in my heart that God will help me? )
  • And by putting effort ( do I really want to make the effort to maximize my potential? )


Peace be upon him

2# “Besides the difficulty is, of course, an ease!” (Quran 94:6) ASH-SHARH

Translated into French, this phrase sounds a little weird.

What you have to understand is that by dint of difficulty and effort comes ease.

After illness comes healing. After the tears comes the smile. After hunger comes satiation.

Thus, the complicated situations are then followed by other easier ones.

Allah will make it easy for you throughout this difficult period of exams. For that you must remain persevering and solid in your convictions.

If you prepare yourself mentally, the duration of this period will be much easier to bear.

Verily, you can never attain what you love until you are able to bear what you despise .”

Jesus Christ, Issa or Aissa in Arabic. Issa, ibn Maryam or Jesus, son of Mary.

(peace be upon him)

When you are faced with a 50-page document to read, tell yourself: “Courage, it will be done in no time”

Similarly, once you’re done, you’ll have the holidays ahead of you.

The worst emotion a student can feel is regret when you don't see your name on the receipt board.

3# “Things are secured in their own time. – Imam Ali (peace be upon him)

Make good use of your time and be diligent about this subject. We know that God has decreed certain actions upon Men for reasons which are not immediately apparent.

What can we learn from the five daily prayers that are asked of us at certain times of the day? Discipline.

Get it right the first time, then move on to the next. Making a review schedule is something that many teachers recommend, but students generally ignore.

A review schedule can help organize your day and keep you from getting lost in other directions, but you should stick to it.

For example, if it says “2:00-3:00 p.m.: Math Review, make sure you start at 2:00 p.m. and end at 3:00 p.m. Neither before nor after.

It’s also important to make your day realistic and healthy – being locked in a room for 12 hours isn’t practical or healthy.

You need to take frequent breaks and relax during those breaks (which we believe are just as vital as study hours).

If you live with your family, they will constantly encourage you to take a break: pay attention to your loved ones, do not be too obstinate in revisions (even last minute ones) and take time for them!

In summary, remember to maintain a reasonable review/rest ratio.

Allah has decreed certain action on humanity for reasons that are not immediately apparent

4# “Write, for you won’t learn until you write.” – Imam Jafar Sadiq (peace be upon him)

The Holy House* (peace be upon them) has produced many writings on the necessity of writing and the connection between memory and the hand.

For most students, making “revision notes” is the first step in revision. It is excellent, but it is often too late.

Revision notes must be done on a regular basis; otherwise, it will be a complete waste of time. Only SLOW and STEADY writing will help you memorize.

The day before the exam, it will be just time to underline the important words to produce a final impression in your mind. When it’s time to take your exams, whatever you’ve memorized will allow you to make connections between ideas and deduce any other details that are impossible to memorize.

This is, in our opinion, the most efficient method of revision.

*The Holy House is an expression that refers to the extended family of the Islamic prophet Muhammad.

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